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FAQs: Salt Vs Chlorine Pools

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

When chatting with pool owners, we often get questions about salt vs chlorine pools. Read this blog to get the answers to the 4 most common questions we get & learn everything you need to know about salt and chlorine pools!

What is the difference between salt and chlorine pools?

  • Salt and chlorine pools differ in both the process in which the chlorine is generated and the levels in which chlorine is maintained

  • In salt pools, natural salt is consistently converted into chlorine via a chemical reaction (electrolysis) allowing them to maintain a lower, more stable chlorine level

  • Chlorine pools require bleach to be added on a weekly basis resulting in higher chlorine concentration & larger fluctuations of chlorine levels between treatments

What are the benefits to a saltwater pool?

  • Salt pools are healthier for you due to lower irritation levels such as red eyes or dried out skin and hair.

  • There is no chlorine smell

  • Salt pools do not stain your clothing

Do you have a salt or chlorine pool?

  • Examine the pool equipment to see if a salt cell is installed & ensure the salt cell is operational (power is on, salt levels are correct, no red service lights).

  • Not sure what the salt cell equipment looks like? Contact us (link here) and we will come out and take a look at the system for you!

Can you convert a chlorine pool into a salt pool?

  • Yes, converting to a salt pool only takes a qualified technician a few hours to perform

We are here to help convert your pool into a salt system! Contact us today (link here) with any questions.

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