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Pool Heaters 101: Electric vs Gas

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

When it comes to heating your pool, selecting the correct pool equipment is essential. In today's blog, we will review the two most common types of pool heaters: electric and gas.

There are many variables that influence whether an electric or gas heater best suits your pool. A general rule of thumb here in Florida is if you plan to heat your pool consistently, an electric heater (or pool pump) is likely the best choice. If you only plan to heat your pool on occasion, gas heaters may be the best option. Read on to learn the best fit for your pool!

Electric Pool Heaters

  • More expensive to purchase upfront (20%+ premium vs gas) but cost much less to operate on an ongoing basis (less than $5 dollars per day in Florida)

  • Take longer to fully heat the pool (24-72 hours) but are more efficient at maintaining the heated pool temperature

  • Do not heat efficiently in cool temperatures (under 45-50 degrees) and are larger in size than gas heaters

  • Require a designated electrical breaker

Gas Pool Heaters

  • Cheaper to purchase upfront but more expensive to operate on an ongoing basis ($8-15+ dollars per day in Florida)

  • Heat much quicker than electric (6-8 hours vs days), making gas great for weekend use or when guests are in town

  • Smaller in size, making them better for space constrained areas

  • Require a natural gas or propane line

We are here to help heat your pool! Contact us today (link here) with any questions.

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