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Weekly Pool Maintenance 101

We often get questions from pool owners on what is required to maintain their pool to ensure it is safe and looking great for family and friends to enjoy. At Caribbean Clear Pools, we think about pool maintenance in three components: pool cleaning, pool chemicals and pool circulation. All three components (cleaning, chemicals, and circulation) are essential and included in our weekly pool cleaning services!

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is essential for both pool safety and aesthetic. Weekly cleaning service includes vacuuming the pool, brushing the sides of the pool, skimming the top of the pool and emptying the pump basket and skimmer basket to remove all debris (leaves, dirt, critters, etc.) from the pool.

Pool filter maintenance and cleaning also plays a critical role in a clean pool. There are three primary types of pool filters: cartridge filter, sand filter and DE filters all of which help remove smaller debris from the pool to keep the water healthy and clean. Depending on your type of filter, you will either need to jet spray the filter (typically on a monthly basis) or backwash the filter (typically every other month) to clean properly.

Pool Chemicals

At Caribbean Clear Pools, we think about water chemistry in two parts: testing (you need to know what your current chemical levels) and balancing (as needed adjusting your chemical levels to fall within the recommended ranges).

To accurately test your pool water you will need a reagent test kit that will measure at minimum chlorine levels, pH levels and alkalinity levels. Based on the results of the three primary chemical readings you may want to perform additional chemical tests such as cyanuric acid and calcium hardness.

Based on your chemical test readings, you need to adjust your pool water to be within the ideal ranges for recreational swimming use. In general, Chlorine readings should be kept between 2-5 parts per million, pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8, and alkalinity between 60-120 parts per million.

The chemicals used to adjust the water chemistry are dangerous and can be hazardous if mixed or stored incorrectly. It is very important that all chemicals are handled with care by a knowledgeable person and stored correctly (kept out of reach from pets and children).

Pool Circulation

Lastly, we need to make sure the water is circulating throughout the pool in a safe manner. This includes a weekly visual inspection of the pool equipment (pool pump, valves, plumbing, salt cells, automation, etc.) to ensure there are no leaks or service lights that need to be addressed.

We are always the customer’s “eyes and ears” by the pool and pool equipment and bring any equipment issues to the owners attention.

At Caribbean Clear Pools, all of these items are included in your weekly residential pool service (read more here). Reach out to us today for your service quote!

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