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What is the ideal water level in a pool?

Your pool water should be maintained halfway up the pool skimmer. Maintaining your pool water at the midpoint of the skimmer allows for proper water circulation. Specifically, it allows the skimmer to efficiently remove debris (e.g., leaves, bugs) from the pool surface while the water passes through into the pool pump and pool filter.

What happens if your pool water is too low? Low pool water is a frequent problem typically caused by natural evaporation but can also be caused by leaks or heavy use. If your pool water is too low, it is best to add water from a hose as soon as possible to restore the level to the midpoint of the skimmer. If you are hearing a sucking or gurgling sound from the skimmer, it is best to turn off your pool equipment while you add water. Once you restore the water level to the midpoint of the skimmer, it is OK to turn the equipment back on. Having your pool water be too low for long periods of time can allow air to enter the pool equipment (hence you may be hearing a sucking or gurgling sound) which can cause permanent damage if it persists for too long.

What happens if your pool water is too high? High pool water is most often caused by simply overfilling the pool however severe rainstorms or hurricanes can also cause high pool water. Evaporation will typically resolve high pool water levels over the course of a week or two.

If the pool water is overflowing into your home or the yard, draining some of your pool water is likely the best option. Draining your pool can come in many shapes and sizes (overflow valves, backwashing, etc.) and if you are not sure how to drain your pool safely It is best to reach out to a pool service professional to help drain your pool.

If you are unsure of how the water level should be maintained in your pool, give your pool service experts Caribbean Clear Pools a call at 941-313-1617 and we will be happy to help.

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