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Residential weekly pool Cleaning Services


At Caribbean Clear, our weekly pool cleaning and pool chemical services are designed to keep your pool safe, looking good and swim ready for you and your family. Our services include: 

Pool Cleaning

Weekly cleaning service includes vacuuming the pool as needed, brushing the sides of the pool each week, skimming the top of the pool and emptying the pump basket and skimmer basket. Monthly Pool filter cleaning is also included and plays a critical role in maintaining a clean pool. 

Pool Chemicals

Weekly service includes both testing and balancing of your standard pool chemicals. We test your pool chemicals using a reagent based test kit for pH, alkalinity and chlorine on a weekly basis. Depending on your chemical levels, we will add chemicals as needed to balance your pool water chemistry to be within recommended ranges. 

Pool Circulation

Our full weekly service includes a visual inspection of the pool equipment to ensure the pool equipment is functioning correctly (no leaks or service lights) and water is circulating in the pool correctly.  We are your "eyes and ears" by the pool equipment and bring any issues to the owners attention. 

With all of our pool services, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, customers can trust that any service problems will be resolved quickly and honestly. All of our services are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Let Caribbean Clear handle your pool cleaning and pool chemical services so you can relax and enjoy your pool!

Choose the plan that's right for you

Full Service
Chemical, Cleaning & Filter
Most Popular

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Emailed Service Report with each visit

Equipment inspection and  recommendations

Monthly Filter maintenance (backflush or jet spray)

Clean pump and skimmer baskets

Scrub tiles, skim surface & brush walls

Vacuum as needed

Water testing and treatment

(includes chemicals)

What's Included
In our weekly services?

Experience the Caribbean clear difference today

Knowledgeable Pool Experts  

Trusted & Reliable Service

(Emailed Service Report with each visit)

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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